What is the composition of the jury?

As the competition is global, the jury members come from all over the world. Most of them have won awards at previous Bestbrandawards. They are therefore experienced brand specialists.
Best Brand Awards | Top International Judges

This screenshot shows the jury panel.

The judging takes place on the Internet. There is no personal meeting of the jury members. The jury consists of brand experts from all over the world. They are often winners of previous Bestbrandawards. The jury gets access to all submissions. 0 to 10 points per logo can be awarded.

The jury panel shows neither the name nor the country of the designer for the brands. This anonymity ensures the greatest fairness. Brands submitted by jury members themselves can of course not be evaluated by the respective jury member, but by all other jury members.

The database, which is integrated into the website, counts the points in the end. The brand with the maximum number of points wins. The awards in silver, bronze, Awards of Excellence and Runner Up are also awarded according to the number of points achieved.

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